Jeannie Loving Monthly Report

 Dear Friends and Family,

     I am enjoying much warmer weather than you are. In case you’re wondering if I’m neglecting my sick son back in Texas, I’ve had my foot in a cast or a boot since surgery on my tendon in November, and I’m unable to drive. So even in Texas, I couldn’t visit him and help   him.     

      Here in Honduras Hector Jose drives me where I need to go. He loves going to San Lorenzo. He said if he were rich, he would move there. A funny statement, since nobody that lives there is rich. Rev. Victor also says he would like to have a lot in San Lorenzo to build on.

      Since arriving in Honduras, I have been very busy. I have two children going to Operation Smile, I had one heart patient report in, completely healed and no longer a heart patient, I am preparing for the vet team, meeting with Santa Maria Magdalena church on the building of their temple, arranging scholarships, helping to get the shoes and uniforms ready for the children in the elementary, and going forward with the work on the kindergarten. It looks less and less likely that the mayor will keep his promise to help. Any money the city receives is deposited electronically in their bank account. The bank withdraws it to apply to their loan. The city has a large number of employees who haven’t been paid their December salary, which has first priority, plus a new administration is coming in with a new mayor.       

      So we are going to build as far as we can with the money I have for the kindergarten, and then see if the new city administration will help us finish it. That was the decision of San Lorenzo’s village council.

      I pray that this New Year will be full of blessings for all of you. Thank you for journeying with me.

For His Sake,
Jeannie (Eugenia) Loving
SAMS Missionary
Danli, El Paraiso, HONDURAS
HONDURAS (504) 9671-68-86
TEXAS (512) 566-2920