Information on Fall 2017 Classes

General Information

Monday evening School of Wisdom classes begin on September 11 and Wisdom on Wednesday begins on September 13.  Classes continue through early December.

On Monday evening, two classes, Exploring Remarkable Faith and Life Stories as well as Theological Reflection, have limited registration due to the small group dynamic integral to the  material.    Some classes close to new students after September 25.  More information is below and check the menu bar to the right for detailed information on each offering and the course facilitator(s).

To register, please see the School of Wisdom parent page for information. Your registration will be confirmed by email (in the order received for those classes with limited registration) after July 1. 

The annual registration fee of $10 can be paid the first day/evening of class.  The annual fee covers both Monday and Wednesday classes as well as fall/spring offerings.


 Monday Evenings

Community Dinner at 6:00 pm, Classes from 6:45 to 8:30 pm

Exploring Remarkable Faith and Life Stories is a one-semester class and is facilitated by The Rev. Karl Brown.  This course is limited to 18 class members.  Class closes to new students on September 25.


Apocalypse is based on a Great Courses DVD lecture series with Professor Craig R. Koester, Ph.D. of the Union Theological Seminary and Luther Seminary.  The course is facilitated by The Rev. Gary Gooch. This is a two-semester course but the class is easily joined at any time.  


Theological Reflections is a one-semester course and is limited to 12 class members. The course will be facilitated by Marguerite Casparian and Meg Grant.  Class closes to new students on September 25. 


Living Presence is a two-semester course and is facilitated by Diana Beardsley.   Class closes to new students on September 25.


 Wednesday Afternoons

Class from 1:30 to 3:00 pm

Saving Jesus is our “Wisdom on Wednesday” offering and begins on September 13.  This one-semester course is a DVD-based series based on the teaching of many modern New Testament scholars, The course is facilitated by Charles Ellis and Carol Husbands.  The course is open to new students throughout the term.