DeZavala School Project

School Fuel’s mission is to provide the fuel for a better learning environment by removing the pangs of hunger among the students in our classrooms. Over 75% of our school age children are on reduced or free meals at school. Most of them go home on the weekends to little or no food. Statistics show that children who struggle with hunger at home perform at lower levels in school during the week.  

In Spring 2013, School Fuel began with a pilot program providing food sacks for 31 students, which reflected an overall increase in the performance of those students. The teachers and school administrators were instrumental in choosing the participants and collecting evaluations of their performance and progress. The results were overwhelmingly positive. 

School Fuel is currently serving 499 students who have high-risks of little or no food at home. On average it is about $215 per student for the whole school year. Each sack consists of 2 meals and 4 snacks for each day of the weekend. 

School Fuel is solely operated by and accomplished with volunteers. Using volunteers keeps the operation costs low, which maximizes the number of children we are able to feed.