Walking the Labyrinth

Tips for walking the labyrinth.                       


If walking the canvas (indoor) labyrinth, please remove your shoes.


Keep silence during this time of prayer and meditation.


Before starting to walk, take a few moments to quiet your heart and mind, focus on your breath and open your heart to the Holy.  Prayer booklets are available in the containers at the labyrinth for your use if desired.


Reflect on your intention for this time of opening, prayer and meditation.


Quietly, when you do not feel rushed, begin at the entrance of the labyrinth. 


Walk on the lightly colored “path,” not the lines.


Listen to your breath and your body.  Walk, run, dance, moving as Spirit calls you; stop, rest and meditate as you feel called.


Find you own pace, if someone is going slower, pass them gracefully.  The path is a two-way passage.  If you meet others, step aside to gently give way.


When you reach the center, sit or stand quietly in one (or each) of the petals of the rosette. Honor the sacred sense within yourself.


When you are ready, mindfully walk the path outward.        


After the walk, take time to journal, ponder or meditate on your experience.  Since the labyrinth is your sacred space, it is a safe place to process emotions and to be open to new insights.  Trust yourself and the process.  Talk to someone you trust and share the experience.  If emotions surface, you may want to  process your experience with a spiritual director or soul companion.