Divine Hours

The Divine Hours


Daily prayer, especially praying in solidarity with each other at certain times, from wherever we are, is the way we take responsibility for our personal and corporate conversation with God.  Praying in solidarity, at church or at home, keeps our personal prayers and devotions grounded in something greater than ourselves.  The “Divine Hours” refers to the church’s times of prayer at morning, noon, evening and night, using prayers provided in our Prayerbook or in other forms.  They are like appointments, even for a moment, that God has with us during each day, which he keeps and which are opportunities for us to cultivate our relationship with him when we “show up” for them.


Schedule of Daily Offices (Divine Hours) at St. Mark’s


All members are invited ane encouraged to consider participating in the Daily Offices from the Book of Common Prayer .  These offices are also available online.  Ideally, the offices are prayed at the church or with others, but even when alone, they remind us that we are praying in solidarity with the larger community in heaven and on earth. 

Morning Prayer (Offered in the Church, 8 am, Monday - Friday)  Morning Prayer is traditionally prayed between 6 and 9 am.  It is a time when the praying community invites God to be present in the activities of the day.   At St Mark's, a community gathers at  8:00 am, Monday through Friday, to pray the morning office.  We also observe the feasts and fast days that are listed on the Church Calendar .  Even if you can't be with us physically, "think eight" and join us in spirit.


Evening Prayer (Offered in the Sanctuary, 5:30 pm, Wednesday, from September through May)  The liturgy of Daily Evening Prayer using The Book of Common Prayer is offered in the Sanctuary on Wednesday evenings during the "school year". 


Compline.   Compline is the daily office that "completes" the day.  It is a time for the praying community to entrust ourselves and others to God's care and keeping through the night.