Sunday Ministries for Children


The Nursery is located in the back of the Parish Hall and is open from 9:30 - 12:15 on Sundays.  This ministry is for infants and toddlers.

Sunday Children's Ministries

10:00-10:25:  Children’s Choir (All ages) in the children's classroom, Parish Hall
10:25-10:30:  "Get Those Wiggles Out!" Preschool, K-3, and 4th grade and older move to designated class areas


10:30–11:00:  "Preschool Stories" at the picnic table, Parish Hall Children’s Area.  Parents take these children to church or nursery at 11:00 
10:30-11:30:  "Weaving God's Promises” for children in K- 3rd grade, children's class room back of Parish Hall.  These children join their families in the church at the Passing of the Peace
10:30-11:00:  "Acolyte Training" for 4th grade and up, Sanctuary