Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels

Members of the St. Mark’s community help deliver food to homebound residents of San Marcos by participating in the Meals on Wheels program, with St. Mark’s driving teams delivering food on a rotating basis once every 9 weeks.

Coordinator Elaine Martin receives a list of recipients the week prior to delivery, makes copies of the scheduled delivery routes, and takes them to Allen Woods Center for drivers to pick up each day during delivery week. Elaine, Mary Hinson, and Celeste Healy help assign drivers for each day of the week for each of the 3 delivery routes.  Each driver receives a list of designated recipients the week before delivery.

On the day of delivery, drivers (alone or with partners) meet at Allen Woods Center to pick up meals and a list of delivery locations.  Routes take from an hour to an hour and a half each day to complete the 40-45 deliveries.

Additional volunteer drivers are always welcome, as we sometimes need to use substitute drivers from outside St. Mark’s.  We especially need people who are familiar with San Marcos streets or who can read a map, and men drivers are particularly welcome.

Anyone who can spare about 2 hours once every 8 weeks—from 10:30 to noon—will be welcomed with open arms. Call Sarah Carlisle at (512) 787-1014 or email the church office at

If you inquiring about signing up for meal delivery please contact the Allenwood Homes/Meals on Wheels office at (512) 353-5018 and ask to speak with Jackie Gonzalez.