Mission at Home

Ministry to the University
The students, faculty, and staff of Texas State University are the most obvious mission in the San Marcos area. The parish and the diocese are partners in meeting social and spiritual needs of the university.

Food Bank / Crop Walk Representative
The San Marcos Area Food Bank serves needy residents of San Marcos and the surrounding area. The St. Mark's representative collects non-perishable foods in the grocery cart in the Parish Hall and also organizes our participation in the annual Crop Walk.

Redwood Community Committee
Much of the population of Redwood live at poverty level. St. Mark's hosts the community who plans programs for the development of this community.

San Marcos River Picnic and Blessing
This team works with members of the parish and San Marcos community to plan a celebration close to the Feast Day of St. Mark the Evangelist who is the patron of the parish and of the larger community. The community celebration includes activities and events organized by San Marcos churches and organizations.