Seeking and Cultivating Christ in Ourselves

Christian spirituality is the quest for an authentic relationship with God and a compassionate engagement with the world through the transformation of our consciousness and being. In our spiritual journey, the way of transformation leads us, individually and together, on a path to:

  * Encounter the Holy

  * Experience the power of the Holy Presence

  * Join with God in co-creating our world

St. Mark's is committed to being a transforming community.  In essence, we aspire to “See Christ in and be Christ to ourselves and others as we are led by Grace.”

Episcopal spirituality comes through our ancient Celtic and Anglican heritage and is deeply influenced by Benedictine spirituality emphasizing a balance of prayer, sacraments, study, reflection, compassion and service. This balance is reflected in the Book of Common Prayer, the primary resource of spiritual practice for Episcopalians.

The spirituality practiced by St Mark’s is rooted in the Book of Common Prayer, worship and the sacraments.  The “School of Wisdom and Practical Spirituality” challenges the seeker to:

* question what we believe and ask the questions we have in a setting that is supportive and nurturing;

* re-imagine how we think and how we are called to be in the world;

* go deeper in seeking inner transformation, a transformation that changes human beings and their relationship with God and the world - from the inside out.

Through the process of spiritual formation, our consciousness is raised and we are transformed into our highest potential so that we might "share in the divine life of him who shared our humanity".  From the time of Jesus until now, the church has understood the process of spiritual formation as a collaboration of human and divine effort (grace). 

St Mark's invites members and friends to the transformative practices of study, prayer, and action both individually and in community.  On Sunday mornings, we invite everyone to the study of Scripture as well as worship and prayer. We invite all, as they are ready, to practice the Divine Hours (morning prayer weekdays, evening prayer on Wednesday nights) and to participate in the Sacraments (such as Holy Eucharist). On Mondays and Wednesdays, all are welcomed to classes offered by the School of Wisdom and Practical Spirituality. And, contemplative practices such as Centering Prayer, walking the Labyrinth and Stations of the Cross, are offered allowing everyone to be present to God and listen for the “still small voice” (II Kings 19:12).

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